Will I learn enough to be able to work in a bar?

Yes you will be trained to entry-level skills in bartending, waiting, coffee making. You will be trained to have the necessary confidence to secure a job. You are welcome to come back for a free refresher course within 6 months of completing the course.

Tell me about your teaching staff.

Our teaching staff is comprised of hospitality professionals with years of experience in the field. This course cannot be taught from books. Specialists who have learnt from actual experience must teach it. Each member of staff has been carefully selected to enhance our "team approach". They are able to pass on to you all the skills of the trade, to ensure your success in the industry

Will Complete Hospitality Training get me a job and for how long can I use your job placement office?

We cannot guarantee or promise anyone a job, however, after being in business for so many years, we have made many quality connections within the industry. We have a placement assistance service for graduates and you may use it as many times as necessary. In other words, if you are ever out of work, or just need additional work, you can call or come by to see what jobs we have available. We don't charge for this service to Complete Hospitality Training graduates.

Can I take the Complete Hospitality courses if my educational background is limited?

The answer is yes. As long as you have good common sense and are ambitious, then there should be no problems taking the course. If during the course you find that you are having some problems, please let us know as our instructors will be ready to assist you. There are be no additional charges if you require extra hours. You can stay and learn until you are satisfied.

What chances do I have of gaining employment in the hospitality industry as a middle-aged person?

Within the hospitality field, there should be no age barrier. We see people as young as eighteen up to people in their sixties gain employment in the industry. It really comes down to having the right ability, personality and attitude.

How do I get my Gaming License?

You do not have to complete a course to get your gaming license, however employers usually require staff to complete a Responsible Service of Gaming course. The Gaming license is basically a personal check on each individual to show the State Government that you are of good character, whereas our training course gives you skills and knowledge to work in this field. The Victorian Gaming Authority issues the Gaming License. This takes around 2 - 6 weeks and the cost is $125.90

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