Five Reasons To Get a Certificate in Hospitality

Five Reasons To Get a Certificate in Hospitality


The Australian hospitality industry offers potential employees a world of opportunity. Those ready to enter a career in hospitality will be rewarded with active, stimulating, and fulfilling careers. This diverse industry allows you to work in hotels, bars, restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, and more. To pave the way for a rewarding career, however, you are best equipped with a certificate in hospitality. If you need a case for studying towards your career, here are five reasons to get a certificate in hospitality.

1. Increase Your Skills and Knowledge

A certificate in hospitality is a testament to your dedication to the hospitality industry. With a hospitality certificate, you’ll already know industry best practices, such as how to pour beer and make a great cup of coffee, practise food safety, customer skills, responsible service of alcohol, manage finances, and much more. With this knowledge, you can typically begin a new role without much training because you are less likely to make mistakes.

2. Get a Competitive Advantage Over Other Candidates

A hospitality certificate shows that you want to know more and are genuinely interested in forging a career in the industry. To any prospective employer, this makes you more valuable because they know you are more likely to be dependable, you’ll already know more than the basics, and they can trust you with additional responsibilities. Not to mention, you won’t need to be trained in the most fundamental aspects of your role. When compared to hiring someone with no experience or hospitality education, the choice is obvious.

3. Increase Your Earning Potential and Career Advancement Opportunities

If you have a certificate in hospitality, you’ll be able to work your way up the career ladder faster because you won’t need extensive training owing to your deeper knowledge of the industry. You will also immediately qualify for higher-paying jobs. Naturally, this also allows you to work at more established hospitality businesses and even negotiate a better salary.

4. Enjoy Increased Job Flexibility in the Hospitality

Once you have earned a certificate in hospitality, you’ll have a foot in the door at roles in a wider variety of hospitality businesses than you would if you had no experience or only experience in one type of hospitality business. You’ll be able to choose between coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, events, and more. Because you’ll know more about pouring coffee or beer and waiting tables, you’ll have the flexibility to choose from more roles or start your own business.

5. Increased Job Security

Any employee who is formally trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge required to meet diverse needs in the hospitality industry, is more valuable to potential employers. Employers can trust you to take on added responsibility, work in multiple roles, and even train newer staff members. These things can make you indispensable to a hospitality business, so when companies restructure or times are tough, you’ll likely be able to maintain your role or find another one quickly.

If you’re headed for a career in the hospitality industry, there’s no good reason not to earn a certificate in hospitality. For the time spent studying, you’ll get more skills and knowledge than you would in an entry-level position with on-the-job training. So, why not start your hospitality journey today?

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