How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Mixologist?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Mixologist?

By Warrick

It’s no secret that being a mixologist simply oozes cool. When you become a mixologist, you’re an expert drink maker who knows how to craft every cocktail in the book. You’ll learn fancy tricks with bottles and be able to wow your customers with them. The only problem is, it’ll take a lot of strength and maturity not to flex about your cocktail knowledge when people find out you’re a mixologist!

So, how do we go from the point of having no bar experience to becoming a guru of the brew? You could start by applying for bartending positions, but inevitably get knocked back again and again because you have no bar experience or formal training. Or you could beef up your skills and resume by becoming certified in mixology. And how long does this take?

Complete Hospitality Training’s bartender course
Great news: if you pick the right Registered Training Organisation (RTO), it doesn’t take very long to become a certified mixologist. At Complete Hospitality Training, we offer a prestigious bartending course which was voted by as the best short course in Victoria for bartending. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to run a bar
  • How to talk about wine
  • How to make drink suggestions and pick the right drinks for your customers
  • How to pour the perfect beer, each and every time
  • How to make the best cocktails around

When you complete our bartending course at Complete Hospitality Training, you’ll also receive your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate. This is kind of like a driver’s license for bartenders. It shows that you’re able to serve alcoholic beverages responsibly and it’s valid in most states across Australia. It’s not just the golden ticket for bartenders either: you can work in bottle shops, stadiums, breweries, wineries – anywhere that involves serving alcohol.

OK, but how long will it take?
Now that we’ve told you why our bartending course is the best way to become a certified mixologist, we can give you the course break down. The course spans across just two weekends, meaning you have four full days of training as a bartender, and then you’re a certified mixologist. Yep, that’s all it takes. It’s pretty sweet when you compare it to what TAFE and uni students have to endure: boring lectures, hours and hours of commuting… not to mention a big fat HECS debt.

Are you ready to be the mojito master? The gimlet god? The cosmopolitan king? We’ll stop there. If you’re down to become a certified mixologist, enrol in Complete Hospitality Training’s esteemed bartender course. It’s fun, comprehensive, affordable and it doesn’t take long to complete. Start your mixology career today by contacting our team at Complete Hospitality Training!

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