RSA Melbourne Update

RSA Melbourne Update

By Warrick

Not all hospitality training is equal, whether delivered online in a virtual classroom, or face-to-face at a training facility. This is especially true for Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training. If you’re wanting to work in Victoria, make sure the RSA you’re signing up for is approved by Liquor Control Victoria (LCV). This will get you the Nationally recognised unit of competence SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol.

The RSA Melbourne and RSA Online training courses provided by Complete Hospitality Training (CHT) are fully Nationally recognised. Unfortunately, there are training providers offering non-accredited online RSA training courses. While these courses might equip you with all the required knowledge for Responsible Service of Alcohol, being non-accredited means you aren't issued with a recognised certificate or Statement of Attainment. And in Victoria, this means you are not qualified to work in licensed premises anywhere in Victoria.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Requirements

Under normal circumstances, Liquor Control Victoria (LCV) only accepts face-to-face RSA training delivered by an approved registered training organisation (RTO). This is compulsory for all licensees–and their staff–who sell, serve, or offer liquor to patrons or customers. It is a condition of the liquor licence and ensures that licensees and their employees have the necessary knowledge and skills for serving alcohol responsibly.

The face-to-face, or onsite, training delivery requirement was revised for the duration of the Declared State of Emergency (COVID-19) only. While the Declared State of Emergency is in effect, only 19 of the more than 60 LCV-approved RTOs are allowed to offer the accredited course through a virtual classroom. Complete Hospitality Training (CHT) is one of these RTOs approved for online delivery of RSA training. Outside of this temporary revision, only the refresher course is offered online, and only to individuals already holding a Statement of Attainment for unit SITHFAB002.

We have recently noticed an increase in calls to CHT from students who have completed non-accredited online RSA training. These students, unfortunately, were led to believe these non-accredited courses would still allow them to work in licensed establishments in Victoria.

What Can I Do If My RSA Online Training Is Not Accredited?

If you, or someone you know, suspects their RSA training is not accredited, begin by first checking LCVs list of approved RTOs (xls document). If the organisation or training provider you worked with is not listed, lodge a complaint with both LCV–call 1300 182 457–and Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)–call 1300 558 181.

You can then sign up for an accredited RSA training course for online or onsite training. CHT is approved for both onsite RSA training and–for the duration of the Declared State of Emergency (COVID-19)–online RSA training. If you were unfortunate enough to be duped by the validity of a non-accredited course, CHT will offer you a place in one of our face-to-face RSA training courses at a discounted price. To qualify for this offer, contact us to enquire about available dates for our onsite Responsible Service of Alcohol course. You will need to provide us with a copy of the certificate you received upon completion and proof of the amount paid for the online RSA training course.

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