What are the Benefits of doing Barista Training and Education?

What are the Benefits of doing Barista Training and Education?

By Warrick

Like most jobs in life, a little training and education in being a barista can go a  long way. It stands out to employers, not only showing that you’ve got the skills to be a barista, but it’s also a sign that you’re dedicated and willing to go the extra mile for your job. Barista training distinguishes you as a professional to prospective employers, it shows you’re committed to learning and improving yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of barista training and where to go for the best quality training.

It bolsters your resume
You know the old saying: you need work experience to gain work experience. It’s a bit of a paradox and it can be tough to get a break when you don’t have any experience. Barista training is the best thing you can do to gain experience as a barista if you haven’t worked as one. Being able to include this in your resume and on your LinkedIn profile is invaluable because it sets you aside from others who don’t have work experience as a barista either.

It gives you the skills you need
More important than how it looks on your resume, barista training gives you the skills you need to make amazing coffee. You learn how to make the perfect espresso, milk texturing, latte art and all the cool stuff involved in being a barista.

It puts you on the right path from the start
It’s easy to slip into bad habits as a barista when you haven’t completed any formal training or education. We’ll often see baristas who have been working for a year or more and don’t even know the basics of making coffee. It’s true that everybody makes coffee slightly differently, but the basic steps are something every good barista should know. When you enrol in barista training from the start, you can trust that your technique is proper and that your habits will be good ones. This is highly desirable to employers.

It’s fun
One of the best parts of barista training and education is the fact that it’s fun. You get to learn all the tricks of the trade in being a world-class barista, spending time honing your craft and achieving the perfect coffee. You also get to hang out with a bunch of like-minded people who share your dream of becoming a Melbourne barista – one of the best breeds of a barista in the world!

Barista training and education is the gateway to a world of opportunities in the hospitality industry. So, now that you’ve decided that a barista course is totally for you, you’ve got to pick the best training organisation available. That would be where we, Complete Hospitality Training, enter the picture. We’re Melbourne’s premier barista training team, with the best quality barista courses in the industry. Contact our CHT team today and start your career as a barista!

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