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What People Say About Us

  • cazthomas1 Avatar

    Amazing instructor for the RSA course. Doing any course on-line, remotely, is... read more

    Bailey Johnson Avatar
    Bailey Johnson

    The best choice I've ever made!! I completed my certification in one... read more

    Nancy Rizk Avatar
    Nancy Rizk

    Great course. Pam our teacher was so helpful and answered all questions... read more

    Anna De Stefano Avatar
    Anna De Stefano

    The overall course was really good and with a lot of information... read more

  • Christopher Anderson Avatar
    Christopher Anderson

    Great course, the content was comprehensive and the training was thorough. There... read more

    Maeve M Avatar
    Maeve M

    Brilliant course great training, assessor was super helpful and patient

    Cos Wong Avatar
    Cos Wong

    CHT is a great place to learn your hospitality courses. I had... read more

    HoangUyen DoDang Avatar
    HoangUyen DoDang

    I took Sam's barista class.Nice and heart warming environment. Sam is more... read more

  • Michael Ogden Avatar
    Michael Ogden

    Very Professional approach. Team ensures that everything is explained clearly right from... read more

    Adrian Avatar

    After completed Hospitality Package in 2018.I I went on to develop my... read more

    Meg Dunn Avatar
    Meg Dunn

    My trainer, Pam, was absolutely fantastic! She was very knowledgable and extremely... read more

    Yvonne Manalili Avatar
    Yvonne Manalili

    I had a good time learning about Food handling. The teacher was... read more

  • Chibi_Phoenix3 Avatar

    Had a wonderful time learning to make coffee and properly steam milk,... read more

    hans weiss Avatar
    hans weiss

    An amazing delivery via ZOOM. Course information spot on and will... read more

    Matt's Adventures Avatar
    Matt's Adventures

    Can't complain

    Renu Renu Avatar
    Renu Renu

    I did hospitality course from CHT. It was a wonderful experience.... read more

  • Syed Imam Avatar
    Syed Imam

    Trainer was a pro

    jacquie O Avatar
    jacquie O

    Recently completed my RSA here. The course was very engaging and the... read more

    Marcin Ellingham Avatar
    Marcin Ellingham

    Brett was entertaining and made the 4 hour lesson fly by. I... read more

    steven kakoliris Avatar
    steven kakoliris

    Thank you so much "Gem", I genuinely enjoyed learning more about liquor... read more

  • Michelle Ross Avatar
    Michelle Ross

    Gem was amazing! she went above and beyond, made the material fun,... read more

    Kathleen Murphy Avatar
    Kathleen Murphy

    fantastic class and a caring administration definitely recommend

    Andy Bruce Avatar
    Andy Bruce

    Very knowledgeable trainer, friendly staff and easy to get to location

    Elena Benítez Avatar
    Elena Benítez

    Quick learning, great teacher and great quality for the value. Very professional... read more

  • Annisa Dalby Avatar
    Annisa Dalby

    Wonderful training for an RSA, class was run well with a very... read more

    Isabella Draper Avatar
    Isabella Draper

    Gem was a fantastic teacher and made everything easy to remember! Her... read more

    Ellie Nguyen Avatar
    Ellie Nguyen

    Gem was a great trainer, very engaging and made the 4h interesting.... read more

    Sukayna Feneiche Avatar
    Sukayna Feneiche

    The building was easily accessible and easy to find and the dude... read more

  • Matt Coleman Avatar
    Matt Coleman

    Can't complain

    Mark Ley Avatar
    Mark Ley

    Great time with friendly staff and easy to understand. 👍👍

    Syed Arsalan Imam Avatar
    Syed Arsalan Imam

    Trainer was a pro

    Darren Jones Avatar
    Darren Jones

    Fantastic experience and now I have a certificate for RSA. Looking forward... read more

  • Anita Alexander Avatar
    Anita Alexander
    positive review 

    The RSA training was really engaging, thorough and clear. The presenter/teacher was... read more

    Alex Zandra Avatar
    Alex Zandra
    positive review 

    Our trainer Benjamin is fantastic. Excellent school with good compliance policies, highly recommended.

    Robert Rosace Avatar
    Robert Rosace

    Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to do hospitality courses.

    Scott Spreadbury Avatar
    Scott Spreadbury

    The trainer, Gem, was so engaging. Learning from her expert knowledge and... read more

  • Dhanushka Madhurange Avatar
    Dhanushka Madhurange

    Super cool and comfortable. Thanks

    Xan Fraser Avatar
    Xan Fraser
    positive review 

    training easy to understand and helpful . highly recomend teacher awesome👍😁

    Hyeree Kang Avatar
    Hyeree Kang
    positive review 

    Friendly tutor and the best receptionist

    Chris O'Leary Avatar
    Chris O'Leary

    The RSA course by Complete Hospitality Training was excellent. We had an... read more

  • Toorang Hosseini Avatar
    Toorang Hosseini

    Trainers are friendly and make you feel comfortable during the course, how... read more

    Melanie Osorio Avatar
    Melanie Osorio

    Good training for rsa, the teacher is really nice

    diane williams Avatar
    diane williams

    Goals were accomplished in an enjoyable and engaging way for everyone involved.... read more

    Create YourSelf Avatar
    Create YourSelf

    I did hospitality course from CHT. It was a wonderful experience.... read more

  • Nicolas RIEMENSCHNEIDER Avatar

    The teacher is realy pedagogue, profesional and kind. The class room and... read more

    Yohann Jp Avatar
    Yohann Jp
    positive review 

    Good experience to learn and reuse it at work thank you 👍🏽

    dora chiu Avatar
    dora chiu

    Need a new RSA certification for work at Victoria? Come to join... read more

    Tashi Nathan Ludowyke Avatar
    Tashi Nathan Ludowyke

    I genuinely loved attending the classes, my trainier Bec was very experienced... read more

  • Linda Munday Avatar
    Linda Munday
    positive review 

    I found it a fun and friendly environment to learn

    Mary Nguyen Avatar
    Mary Nguyen
    positive review 

    I loved studying here, it was a very welcoming environment and I... read more

    Tran Huy Avatar
    Tran Huy
    positive review 

    Great course! Highly recommend

    Mim Jangjuabkaew Avatar
    Mim Jangjuabkaew

    Great short course with good instructor and classmate

  • Morteza Teimouri Avatar
    Morteza Teimouri

    Hi guys I attended to this hospitality training course ... read more

    Skakiyan Avatar

    C'est un très bon établissement pour passer le RSA (Responsible Service of... read more

    Lancalot098 Avatar

    A really good course was informal and wasn't too long. My course... read more

    Kayden Dias Avatar
    Kayden Dias

    Very Professional approach. Team ensures that everything is explained clearly right from... read more

  • Ellie McSkimming Avatar
    Ellie McSkimming

    Fantastic, engaging trainer!

    Amelia Davis Avatar
    Amelia Davis

    Completing the Cert 4 in Hospitality at Complete Hospitality Training was an... read more

    Aislinn Ní Churraidhín Avatar
    Aislinn Ní Churraidhín

    Very easy to get access to courses and see what times are... read more

    Yasmin Diaz Avatar
    Yasmin Diaz

    Excellent from every point of view. I was quite surprised I admit.... read more

  • Liam Rutt Avatar
    Liam Rutt

    Great course and well worth the money. The trainer brett was exceptional... read more

    Thao Do Avatar
    Thao Do

    The course was interesting.

    Domenic Gigliotti Avatar
    Domenic Gigliotti

    Really enjoyed myself learning about the RSA course and the teacher Brett... read more

    Tiffany Gil Avatar
    Tiffany Gil

    Localisation simple à trouver, personnelle acceuillant, professeur super sympathique !!! Un bon... read more

  • Johanna Avatar

    Great Barista Master Class!

    Barbara Weinberg Avatar
    Barbara Weinberg

    For me, Complete Hospitality provided spectacular training (thank you Stuart) and everything... read more

    Natasha Cunningham Avatar
    Natasha Cunningham

    Completed my RSA here, was an easy and even enjoyable process

    Lisa Demaine Avatar
    Lisa Demaine

    4 hours for a training sounds long but Gem made it worth... read more

  • carcar soupe Avatar
    carcar soupe

    Anna was great, informative and passionate about what she was teaching. I... read more

    Frankiie Dronsfield Avatar
    Frankiie Dronsfield

    The course was good, Gem taught us and was lovely and easy... read more

    Pedro Rodriguez N Avatar
    Pedro Rodriguez N

    Excellent everything, the organization, the methodology in addition to all the information imparted.

    Rachel Coleman Avatar
    Rachel Coleman

    Excellent teacher, funny, informative, engaging.

  • Kartheek Avatar

    Good teaching ..

    thienthang thang Avatar
    thienthang thang

    The barista course in here is extremely excited and the trainer is... read more

    cinc cinc Avatar
    cinc cinc

    the teacher is cool

    Tiff Avatar

    Took the RSA course. It was a painless process. The instructor definitely... read more

  • Sebastian Williams Avatar
    Sebastian Williams
    positive review 

    I have really enjoyed my experience at CHT the tutor I got... read more

    Marty Halsall Avatar
    Marty Halsall
    positive review 

    I have just completed my Cert IV in Hospitality. Tasha has been... read more

    Kaleigh Zra Ghattas Avatar
    Kaleigh Zra Ghattas
    positive review 

    Learned a lot and had fun as well.

    Sharon Mccrae Avatar
    Sharon Mccrae
    positive review 

    Learnt loads and had fun too.

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