Barista Coffee Course (Non-Accredited)

Barista Course Details

Australians have long been passionate about coffee, and nowhere more so than Melbourne. It has given rise to a vibrant and unique coffee culture that often births trends and sets standards that the rest of the world follow. And when you have so many people with strong opinions about coffee, you can expect them to also demand the best from baristas.

From their technical skills to their product knowledge, baristas must be trained to meet the exacting standards of the well-versed coffee enthusiasts of Melbourne. And the CHT trainers know this all too well. It’s our job to share our technical know-how and impart our deep knowledge and passion for coffee with the next generation of baristas.

At CHT, we meet the highest training standards by giving our students hands-on, practical training. With our purpose-built coffee training rooms and industry-standard coffee machines, we can ensure uninterrupted access to quality equipment throughout your training. Our barista course teaches the fundamentals of milk texturing, bean grinding, and how to pour every single type of coffee served by hospitality establishments throughout Melbourne.

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn how to load the group handle and tamp the coffee
  • How to texture milk
  • How to clean and maintain the espresso machine and grinder
  • How to make the perfect espresso by adjusting the espresso machines and grinder
  • How to replicate the coffee on the coffee menu
  • An exciting introduction to latte art


This is a non-accredited course, so no assessment is applicable.

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