How to Balance Education, Work, and Life

How to Balance Education, Work, and Life


These days few people have the luxury of leading a quiet life; finding a work/life balance isn’t always easy. Throw education into the mix, though, and the hustle gets real. Of course, furthering your education is 100% worth it when it means you’re going to grow your career, so you’ll find a way to make it through. Once all is said and done, no one can take your education and work experience away from you. So how do you balance education, work, and life? Take these tips to heart, and you’ll fly through!

Prioritise Your Commitments

That adage, ‘when everything is urgent, nothing is urgent’, is a warning to those who struggle to prioritise. To effectively prioritise your tasks, consider which tasks need to be completed first, which tasks are more important, which tasks are not time-sensitive, and which tasks will take more effort to complete. Use a calendar to space out your tasks and assignments ahead of time so that due dates and deadlines don’t pop up unexpectedly.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Managing stress requires a multi-pronged approach. Stress can be eased by getting enough sleep, exercising, eating a balanced diet, and taking a breather when you need it. It takes a lot of discipline to make sure you get enough of these things when you are already working and studying but getting it right will be the difference between acing it and burning out. Make stress management a part of your life, schedule time for sleep and exercise if you must.

Communicate and Set Expectations

Those around you, such as your friends, family, boss, and course leaders, may not quite identify with what you are trying to achieve, so you’ll need to communicate with them openly and honestly. When you tell your boss you are studying, they will be able to adjust their expectations accordingly and support you where necessary. The same goes for your loved ones and your course leader. This way, when you are under pressure, they can assist you.

Create a Buffer

Your studies may not be consistently demanding, so keep up the pace between assessments and assignments. Without overextending yourself, take the time you have to keep going. If you use your time wisely, you can deal with unforeseen circumstances; you will be able to spare some time to deal with emergencies and more pressing matters. Get ahead of your work and catch up with your family so that you maintain your momentum and don’t fall behind.

Reward Yourself

It may be hard to motivate yourself and see the light when you're neck-deep in work and assignments. When you successfully abide by your schedule and meet your goals, reward yourself. It may come in the form of a cold beer or a day off, but that little carrot at the end of the stick is an underrated motivator. Use this little psychological trick to your benefit.

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