How to Measure and Improve Your Customer Service

How to Measure and Improve Your Customer Service


When running any kind of business, it’s essential for you to understand its performance. Revenue and profits can be easy metrics to track – but do you have strategies in place to measure your customer service?

Creating tangible metrics
While it’s not necessarily an intuitive practice, there are some metrics that can help you better paint a picture of customer service. With historical data, you can then trial different selling points and assess how the metrics shift.

A few key metrics that you can track within hospitality include:

  • First response time
  • Resolution time
  • Customer retention
  • Reviews and feedback
  • Rate of complaints
  • Net promoter score

These metrics are specific to the business, and there will also be discrepancies which is why you should implement a combination of these metrics.

Variables to consider
No two businesses are the same, and it’s important to consider the unique and overlapping factors that may influence your business. These metrics include:

  • Size and location of the business
  • Stage of business and customer lifecycle
  • Short and long term goals
  • Unique circumstances of your business

What do valuable KPIs look like?
Before you start measuring your performance, there are a few factors you require to ensure you’re getting actual value from the data.

Measures short and long term
Some managers forget the bigger picture because they’re so focused on quick wins. Other managers forget the small successes because they’re dreaming of a big unattainable goal. A successful manager will have a combination of long and short term goals with the same themes. Try determining your long term goals, then breaking up how you can achieve them using short term wins

Measurable and trackable
Vague, intangible goals don’t serve many purposes. If you can’t track performance and measure it with clear metrics you should scrap it altogether. Try pair intangible goals with tangible goals, and determine whether they are long term or short term.

Clear for everyone in your business
All staff need to be aware of how their performance is measured. This transparency will ensure accountability and clear goals within the business.

Do your KPIs actually make a difference to the performance and management of your business? If you’re tracking numbers for the sake of tracking numbers you’re wasting your time. It’s okay to trial performance metrics, but if you can’t see an actual use then scrap it. Especially if it’s related to staff performance – no one wants to be micromanaged.

Once you understand your KPIs you can start using technology to track the data you’re after. Make sure you are constantly adjusting and revising this approach and using the relevant data to trial new methods for great customer service.

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