Barista Training at Complete Hospitality Training

Barista Training at Complete Hospitality Training

Complete Hospitality Training offer several options for learning the skills of becoming a barista. Your current level of skill and appetite for learning about coffee will determine where you should start your journey.

The starting point for most people will be the Barista Coffee Course. To dive deeper into the practical skills involved in coffee making, with nationally recognized units of competency, you should consider the Barista Master Class. Taking your journey further, we invite you to join us for workshops focusing on latte art or coffee appreciation.

Barista Coffee Course

The foundation skills required to be able to serve up sellable coffees are exactly what you will get during this one day, 5-hour basic coffee skills training session.
You will be trained in how to use an espresso machine safely and efficiently. Pull that perfect shot of espresso. Steam the milk like a pro and get introduced to the wonderful world of latte art.

Making a variety of coffee menu items, like Cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites etc. will provide you with the confidence and appetite for more.
Setting up and closing down procedures as well as troubleshooting tips are also integral parts of this session.


Barista Master Class

With a sound foundation in your barista skills, it’s here in our masterclass that you will develop the skills to become job-ready and to stand out in the crowd.

A two-day masterclass that will provide you with the opportunity to put your newfound knowledge and barista skills training into practice.

Learn to work under pressure in a simulated café environment, making a series of coffee menu items at industry standard and speed.

Learn how to dial in a grinder, so that the espresso shots are perfect every single time.

Perfect the milk and your pouring technique so that latte art becomes more the norm as opposed to the exception.

Be exposed to the skills sets required to be the barista. Practice with and hone your skills with plenty of coffee, milk and time at your disposal.

The Barista Coffee Course is:

7 hours duration
Cost is $195

You will receive a non-accredited, skills certificate upon completion

The Barista Master Class is:

14 hours duration
Cost is $295

You will receive a statement of attainment for:

SITHFAB005 - Prepare and serve espresso coffee
SITXFSA001 - Use hygienic practices for food safety

 What you will learn...Barista Coffee CourseBarista Master Class
Loading the group handle and tamping coffeeYESYES
Adjusting the equipment to achieve perfect espressoYESYES
Milk texturingYESAdvanced
Introduction to Latte Art (poured and etched patterns)YESAdvanced
Specialist coffee adviceNOYES
Pouring the coffees from the coffee menuYESYES
Cleaning and maintain the espresso machine and grinderYESYES
Safe food handling practicesNOYES

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