Perfecting the Art of Coffee; How Long Does Barista Training Take?

Perfecting the Art of Coffee; How Long Does Barista Training Take?

By Warrick

From your metro grocery store to the specialist coffee shops on the corner, there are many different baristas with their own unique skillsets out there. Amongst the many cafes boasting talented baristas, one thing remains true: it is no longer just about the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white.

One way to perfect your skill is by taking a barista course. Whilst there are many out there, some differ in lengths and subject matter. Single-day courses may leave you with a basic understanding of how to stretch and steam milk for the perfect latte and give you quick accreditation. Barista masterclasses, however, give highly tailored, detailed lessons that’ll get you excited and motivated to work in the coffee industry.

Maybe a short course works well for you, but if you are passionate about becoming a highly skilled barista and want to create fantastic coffee for the connoisseurs out there, you’ll need more than a few hours of training up your sleeve. Here are a few tips that may help you stand out from the rest.

Milk and coffee
Ever grabbed a delicious coffee from your local one day and found the next day it just didn’t hit the mark? The dedication of your barista does make a huge difference to the coffee’s flavours, and coffee actually reacts differently to various milks.
At high temperatures, soy milk can curdle and form lumps, making the process a true art.
If you can make a distinct impression on your customers, you’ll get them coming back for more and even asking for your specialities

Coffee beans and their flavours
You should learn the complex flavours of coffee and understand what works for your customers. Learn how you describe its balance, acidity, sweetness, look at notes of fruity, chocolatey flavours and understand what it means for a coffee to be ‘rich’ or ‘subtle’.

Cold brew and unique methods
There are a lot of methods out there that can completely transform the taste of coffee, and with specialty knowledge you can secure those coffee connoisseur customers looking for something extra special. Appreciate the complexities of coffee and showcase them.

Latte art
Sure you might be able to learn the method to mastering the traditional latte design or a sweet looking heart, but what about all the endless possibilities that come with the careful methods to make beautiful coffees for your customers?
Master the art of creating all kinds of shapes, animals, words and more

Extraction and brewing
Great baristas can actually manipulate the flavours of the coffee bean through extraction where coffee flavour compounds and aromas are extracted at different points of the process.

Ready to perfect the art of coffee making?

CHT offers coffee masterclasses designed for people interested in the art of coffee.

How long do our barista training courses take?
There are a range of options for passionate coffee makers, with specialty courses to hone your skills.

We have a range of specialty courses available including various other hospitality training. Gain the skills to truly wow your customers and secure your spot with CHT.

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