What Are the 3 Key Takeaways for a Career in Hospitality?

What Are the 3 Key Takeaways for a Career in Hospitality?


Whether you’re considering a career in hospitality, or you’ve already established yourself, there are a few things you need to know. Hospitality is an exciting, fast-paced, dynamic industry, and it can be incredibly fulfilling if you know what to expect. In this article, we’ll discuss the three key takeaways for a career in hospitality to prepare you for the road ahead. With the right set of skills, a commitment to continuous learning, and a winning personality, a successful and rewarding career in hospitality is on the horizon.

Learn Universal Hospitality Skills

Hospitality is a broad field that includes a variety of establishments, from hotels and restaurants to travel and tourism among others. For this reason, the skills you need for a career in hospitality can vary from one job to another. For instance, working at a hotel’s front desk requires skills in taking bookings and managing complaints, rather than culinary expertise. Still, many hospitality skills are universal, if not essential.

Many essential hospitality skills can be taught and learned on the job. For example, oral and written communication are critical to connecting with customers and ensuring a pleasant experience. Another essential skill is knowing your way around your establishment well enough to solve problems effectively and ask for help when necessary. Cultural awareness is also crucial. Educating yourself on other cultures and learning additional languages can also enhance the global client experience.

Always Upskill

More than universal hospitality skills, it’s never too late to upskill. Whether you begin your career with prior hospitality education or not, there’s always more to learn. By studying further, you can grow your career and explore a range of other roles that pique your interest. There are various ways to upskill, such as on-the-job training and industry certifications. Do you work in a coffee shop? Why not take a coffee appreciation course? Want to work your way up into a management role? Why not take a course in leadership and management? Any additional skills you learn, formally or informally, will further your career growth in the hospitality industry.

Nurture Helpful Personality Traits

The next takeaway is remembering to play to your strengths and work on any potential shortcomings. There are a lot of personality traits that can help your hospitality career. While skills are essential for specific tasks, certain personality traits can ease task completion. A service-orientated mindset can also be developed. Qualities such as empathy, the ability to multitask, work in a team, and problem-solving are essential. However, these can be nurtured and expanded over time with a positive attitude and determination. If you already possess these traits, even better.

If a career in hospitality sounds like the right path for you, why not learn a little more? If you choose to pursue or grow your hospitality career, it’s always a good idea to strengthen your skillset. You can start with a shorter course, such as responsible service of alcohol, or opt for a broader, longer hospitality course. Whichever path you choose, each step brings you closer to success.

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